Just a few of the 5* reviews received

"Yvonne transformed the relationship we had with our dog - literally overnight! We have a sweet and bright lab puppy and no experience raising dogs. Yvonne listens intently and will instantly determine what needs to adjust to optimise the dynamic and give the owner a sense of control. We learned that these adjustments made our pup much happier and us much less stressed! The value Yvonne bought came instantly. We couldn't believe how quickly she made difference. She loves what she does and that makes the whole experience of hiring a trainer enjoyable and educational - not daunting at all. "

"We are working with Yvonne to train our Daschund pup Sydney. He is progressing well in toilet training (a very difficult Daxie trait to break) and walks beautifully to heel, socialising, happy to stay home alone and hopefully loving us as much as we love him! Thank you Yvonne"

"I wish I knew about Yvonne sooner! Yvonne came to the house and spend time getting to know Bertie ,and us humans, and was able to give fantastic, clear instructions.   Everything was easily explained to us and the reasons behind certain behaviours etc. Yvonne would show us what we needed to do then let us carry it on. .... after spending time with Yvonne I have the confidence and motivation to carry on with Bertie's training and not to give up. ...
I can't thank and recommend Yvonne highly enough. Happy dog = happy owner."