I have always had a passion for animals, especially dogs, from a young age when I purchased my first puppy at the age of 15; I saved £10 per week for nine weeks to buy my furry friend, Toby.

I have owned dogs since 1980, and now know that I cannot live without a dog in my life.  I currently own two wire haired fox terriers, a breed that is known to be stubborn and very wilful (a bit like myself!). I love a challenge and they have certainly provided plenty of them over the past few years.  Molly, my latest addition, came from a rescue centre in Romania,  I have rehabilitated her into our home and she has grown into a very happy, well balanced dog. 

I have worked with rescue centres in the UK and also travelled to Romania volunteering my time to helping street dogs living in shelter.

My passion led me to taking a Diploma in Dog Training and Psychology to become fully qualified Dip.Dog.Bhv.Psy.

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Yvonne Alder, Dogcology owner