Recognising that all dogs are different, I offer a range of service options.
Please get in touch on 07760 282742 (phone or text) or use the Contact page to email me so we can agree the best way forward for you and your dog.

Initial one-to-one consultation - £105
A maximum of two hours is usually enough for me to assess you & your dog and to go through everything you will need to know to improve your dog's behaviour.  This usually takes around two hours with some flexibility depending on how the session goes.  Meeting at the dog's home, we'll start with a short walk for me to get to know the dog, followed by starting the necessary training required.  

After the consultation you will receive a written report containing my observations and recommendations plus a plan for you to continue the training.  Included is unlimited phone or email support so you are not left alone.

Follow-up visit - £55
Training takes time and even after a full two hour consultation plus email / telephone advice you may require a follow-up visit to go through the training program again or need further issues addressed. This session is usually 1 hour 30 minutes.

Quick consultation - £45
You may just require basic advice and therefore only need an hour to go through the basic training / issues. This session is 1 hour only.

Continued support program - please contact me to discuss pricing
If you have a very busy lifestyle or don’t want to be left to your own devices to train your dog you might consider my continued support program. Programs can be designed to suit you and your dog, and for as many days or weeks required. Faster results have been gained from this program.

An initial  two hour consultation is followed by one hour sessions to help kick start the training program.  Sessions can be booked daily or weekly however a minimum of six sessions should be booked for this program.

Pack walks - from £10
These fortnightly walks are fun and social for both you and your dog plus  in a controlled environment.  Ideal if your dog is:

  • 'dog reactive', i.e. doesn't like other dogs
  • protective whilst on walks
  • a puppy in need of socialising &/or walking off the lead

The other dogs in the pack are chosen by me knowing they will help teach your dog manners and include it in the pack.  These walks will benefit you too so you learn to relax when walking, and so not to give negative energy to your dog.

Helping you pick your new best friend - from £25
Thinking about getting a dog either a puppy, rescue or fostering?  I can help you choose the right dog for you by looking at your lifestyle, circumstances and energy levels to ensure you get the perfect balance between you and your four-legged friend.

Six-week puppy behaviour training - £
One to one puppy training classes held in your home. 

Prevent unwanted, nuisance behaviours from the outset by helping your puppy learn at a young age & when they are most receptive.